Insights from lesser visited destinations

Bricked up in Pakistan

Life in a Pakistani Brick kiln Debt is a reality of life around the world. In Pakistan however, when you ask for a loan, you and generations of your family can be trapped for life. The center of this debt misery? Any one of Pakistan’s 20,000 brick kilns “employing” up to 2 million children and […]

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A Very Papuan Welcome

A Tale of two villages When in Papua New Guinea, get yourself to any village and let the locals take over. I visited two very close but very different villages in the Western Highland Province of the country – a short flight from the capital, Port Moresby. We were led to a small clearing in […]

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Mount Hagen Festival. Part Two – The Main Event

With a culture so pure but fading due to western influence. The town of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea, is doing it’s part to keep this culture alive. First mooted by missionaries in the 1950s as a method to ease tensions between warring tribes. The Mount Hagen Festival officially got off the ground in 1964. […]

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Mount Hagen Festival. Part One – Behind the Scenes

The Sound of rhythmic lizard skin drumming hums on the landscape as you arrive here. Look around and it’s a 360 degree view of colored feathers, hidden faces and a rugged landscape. The Mount Hagen show won’t start for a few hours yet but already thousands are busy trying to look their best. Preparation One […]

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Chechnya – Breaking the Rules

Travelling in the Chechen Republic. Firstly let me begin by introducing you to the leader of the Republic of Chechnya. You’ve got to hand it to Ramzan Kadyrov; A modern day poster boy for leadership cults of personality. Kid President. President Kadyrov formally took the reins of power from his assassinated father in 2007 aged […]

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Window through Ceylon

Unlike most, I thoroughly enjoy public transport. The older and dodgier the better. I want to feel the vibrations and hear the screech as I ride the packed commuter bus in Addis Ababa or the underground in Pyongyang. I want to feel like my life is on the line, quite literally. Besides the exhilaration, a […]

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