The North Korean Mass Dance

,If you find yourself in North Korea on one of the many national holidays, chances are you’ll end up at a mass dance. But what are these wonderfully colorful & choreographed events? a Celebration In short it’s a planned hour long event held during celebratory occasions. These are usually national holidays or sometimes even missile […]

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Munsu Water Park

Pyongyang’s premier leisure centre Situated within a stone’s throw of the foreign embassy compound and Mayday Stadium shows the importance of this place. This is central Pyongyang and within it lies the dominating outline of the Munsu Water Park. Opened to much military fanfare in 2013, the park is the centerpiece of North Korea’s state […]

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Train to Pyongyang

A Journey into the unknown I have made the long journey to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea nearly 50 times. The vast majority of which have been by train to Pyongyang. For many taking the train, it’s the first sight of a country they have read and heard about for years. For me, this […]

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